It is time to get real about Occupancy Data?

  • Systems that rely on manual Occupancy Data collection (e.g. CAFM, IWMS) have underperformed
  • Technology that includes Occupancy Sensors (e.g. LED Lighting, Room Reservation) is inadequate
  • Occupancy Sensors are the only ‘real’ way to collect Occupancy Data and measure utilization

What comes to mind when you think about Occupancy Data?

For many real estate professionals, Occupancy Data invokes feelings of frustration or dissatisfaction. The promise of accurate Occupancy Data at your fingertips (e.g. CAFM or IWMS) is seldom delivered. The cost of manually updating Occupancy Data through surveys and after moves just doesn’t pay off. What starts as a great initiative loses momentum. Data gets stale and tools go dormant.

Occupancy Data is sometimes considered as an add-on with new technology, such as LED lighting, smart meters or conference room reservation systems. The promise of new insights on space utilization remain unfulfilled due to less than adequate data integration, analytics or visualization. There is often a wide disparity between single source systems and real results. For example, room reservation systems often show a room fully booked when there is actually no on there. Occupancy Data becomes an unrealized feature and not the core value.

Executives are asking, “Why is it so difficult to get accurate utilization data on my space?”

It is time to get real about Occupancy Data. If you are depending on manual input or add-ons to provide Occupancy Data, you will continue to be dissatisfied.  Occupancy Data is a science that requires discipline and methodology to collect data with predictable, continuous, quality results. Sufficient data samples over extended periods are required before critical mass is attained that in turn produces real insight into space utilization.

At UtiLive, the Internet of Things makes Occupancy Sensors a real alternative to other systems. The ability to cost-effectively correlate data from multiple sources through occupancy data exchanges increases utilization resolution. Always-on measurement enables powerful analytics and visualization that recognize trends, establish comparative baselines, and extract maximum value from real estate investment. All at less cost than current alternatives.

UtiLive is able to cost-effectively leverage installed system data, e.g. from existing sensors, reservation systems or badge data. This in turn provides greater resolution and insight into how effectively office space is being utilized, resulting in improved decision-making and cost control.

Is it time to ‘get real’ about Occupancy Data? Admitting the problem may be half the cure.