UtiLive Analytics

The UtiLive analytics engine features advanced machine learning algorithms to increase accuracy and insight across multiple data sources; such as space utilization, (inter)activity tracking and environmental monitoring. Machine learning further enhances UtiLive data quality through pattern recognition, synchronization and filtering of spurious data. The UtiLive analytics engine enables users to manipulate resultant data sets using layering, windowing and sequencing to increase context. Contextual data in turn enhances insight on actionable solutions that improve engagement, productivity and ROI.


Precise correlation on engagement of space or assets (events)

Pattern recognition across multiple data sources, identifying causality

Spatial representation of data (e.g. floorplans, heat maps)

Correlation between sensor and business data (e.g. bookings, IWMS, badge data)

Synchronization of time stamping of multiple data sources for increased accuracy

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