Is your office half empty, or half full? Either way it’s costing you.

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Average Workspace Utilization is Below 50%!

Workspace utilization is fast becoming the most important metric in corporate real estate. Mobile Workforces and Agile Workspaces are the new norm but with these advances comes a new challenge. How do you know if your office space is being utilized? UtiLive can help you quickly and cost effectively uncover your true occupancy and utilization across your portfolio. With this actionable insight we can help you develop strategies to increase utilization and reduce your real estate spend.

Capturing Live Utilization Data in Three Easy Steps

We designed the UtiLive solution to be “do-it-yourself”. Simplicity and ease-of-use were top of mind in our design process. We didn’t want you to have to involve IT to get access to the network or involve trades to run wiring in the ceiling. Our solution can be installed and collecting utilization data in under a day. We have developed simple data visualization stories to help you easily communicate what’s happening in your space to other stakeholders in the business. Best of all, it is offered at an affordable all-inclusive monthly price.

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We can capture utilization data at the desk, room, or the floor level, and provide it in any cross-section you need. Our sensor-as-a-service pricing model is transparent and all-inclusive. To get started, simply send us a floor plan.


We designed our solution to be do-it-yourself. It consists of peel-and-stick sensors that run on batteries for years and a simple mobile app to input where the sensors are installed. It has a plug-and-play gateway with built-in modem so no Wi-Fi or network access needed. It is up and running in a day.


Our solution is cloud-based so you will be able to access your data anytime from any device. Our data visualizations make it easy for you to communicate utilization insights to other stakeholders in the business.