Analytics Platform

Powerful Visualization With Actionable Insights

The Relogix Occupancy Analytics workbook is a web-based portal service that uses customer-specific floor plans and space attributes along with real-time data to provide powerful visualizations. This in turn create actionable insights for continual improvement of workplace layout, design and effectiveness. Customized for each client, Relogix Occupancy Analytics workbooks enable scenario, time and policy changes to target the right solution.

Relogix Occupancy Analytics Workbook is powered by real time data provided by Relogix Sensor-as-a-Service. These sensors monitor discrete spaces like workstations, collaborative spaces and meeting rooms to provide both occupancy and utilization in two minute intervals. Analytic data can be viewed from 5 minute to 3 year intervals, increasing accuracy over multiple business cycles.

Relogix Occupancy Analytics Workbook enables custom attributes such as department, furnishing type, space type, etc. that enables in-depth analysis and correlation of data to corporate and industry standards.

Because Relogix is not bound to specific software or infrastructure, it can be used anywhere in a real estate portfolio and can summarize information across floors, buildings, cities or entire portfolios. This is helpful for baseline trending.

As a secure web-service, the Relogix Occupancy Analytics Workbook is available anywhere you have a web connection. During site visits or business unit discussions, existing same-day data can be presented as the ‘source of truth’ anywhere, at any time


Immediate Data
provided real time from Relogix SraaS
Powerful Visualization
data overlaid on existing floorplans and space types
Actionable Insight
immediate recognition of low occupancy zones and design anomalies
Unique Attributes
provide greater depth of insight into workplace design effectiveness
Workbook Format
enables data manipulation to precisely zero in on target insights by location, type and time of day
web-service workbook that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
Total Portfolio Coverage
with selection and aggregation by floor, building, location, region or portfolio
access does not intersect with enterprise networks

About Relogix


Relogix is an IoT Sensor-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that combines innovative sensor technology with advanced analytics to enable workplace visualization and meaningful insight for Commercial Real Estate (CRE).