Relogix Completes $4 Million Series A Funding Round

Ottawa, ON, October 1, 2019: Relogix, the industry leading workspace analytics platform and IoT sensor technology company announced today that they have completed their Series A round with $4 Million in new funds. Funding partners in this round include BDC Capital’s Industrial, Clean and Energy (ICE) Technology Venture Fund, Mistral Venture Partners and GroundBreak Ventures.  

“This investment allows us to accelerate the incredible market success we’ve had to date,” stated Andrew Millar, Founder and CEO, “Relogix combines deep domain expertise in corporate real estate technology and workspace strategy. Customers gain an unprecedented level of intelligence that helps them confidently make key decisions to transform their real estate portfolios.”  

Sean Brownlee of BDC ICE, said their participation in this funding round was based on the market success the company has had to date. “The Relogix team is on a roll and the number of global brands who rely on Relogix is very impressive. BDC ICE wants to be a strong partner and support an accelerated growth trajectory, as they drive to the next level of market success.”  

“With this investment, we can rapidly add amazing talent to an already incredible team and double down on what has made us successful to date – offering our customers world class technology and services,” added Jeff Bennett, COO of Relogix.  

About Relogix  

Relogix has developed advanced IoT sensors to monitor workspace utilization, workplace design effectiveness and employee engagement. Their Sensor-as-a-Service solution reduces technology risk as it includes all hardware, software, wireless network and workspace analytics cloud platform all in one simple subscription price. Top corporate real estate organizations depend on the Relogix workspace analytics platform and industry expertise to transform their global real estate portfolios with confidence.  

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Mairi Thomson, Director of Marketing 

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