How To Use Big Data To Develop An Effective Workplace Strategy

When it comes to assessing workspace utilization, there are many approaches that could be taken to generate data for analysis.  Whether the data is generated using employee surveys, observation studies, security badge data or even sensor data, each source of data provides the initial validation necessary to ensure that your workplace strategy is directionally correct.  However, the use of utilization data, although foundational, is only one piece of a very complex puzzle.  

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IoT in Canada: Customers and Partners leveraging Azure IoT and AI services to accelerate digital transformation

Originally posted on Microsoft News Centre Canada.

Helping people, helping businesses and helping the planet. That was the focus of stories shared by business and tech leaders at IoT in Action, an annual Microsoft event that helps organizations gain actionable IoT insights, build future business partnerships, and unlock the transformative potential of intelligent edge and intelligent cloud solutions.

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Relogix Completes $4 Million Series A Funding Round

Ottawa, ON, October 1, 2019: Relogix, the industry leading workspace analytics platform and IoT sensor technology company announced today that they have completed their Series A round with $4 Million in new funds. Funding partners in this round include BDC Capital’s Industrial, Clean and Energy (ICE) Technology Venture Fund, Mistral Venture Partners and GroundBreak Ventures.  

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The Best Way To Improve Workplace Performance With IoT Technology
“My weight is always perfect for my height — which varies” – Sylvia, by Nicole Hollander

It is difficult to consistently meet objectives when one or more factors are changing over time.

This is the place many workplace strategists find themselves when trying to design flexible workspace for an agile workforce.

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The We In Workplace: How To Improve Workplace Performance
Workplace strategies without user experience data may lead to costly ventures like open office.

When was the last time you shopped at Sears? Took a ride in a Taxi?

The emergence of Amazon and Uber has resulted in rapid disruption of traditional retail and urban transit. How they disrupted long established markets has become clear: they focused on user experience.

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