6 Questions You NEED to Answer Before You Start Workspace Utilization Analysis

Unlock the key to corporate real estate’s most daunting challenge: improving your ability to control costs and improve the employee experience simultaneously.

Avoid Wasting Valuable Time and Money

Globally, office space utilization is hovering around 50% yet at the same time, the costs associated with corporate real estate are going up.

Many corporate real estate leaders are beginning to evaluate new strategies for the workplace that more effectively fit with the working styles of their employees.

The key to identifying huge efficiencies, while also improving experience and productivity is workspace utilization analysis. 

Our workspace utilization experts have developed an ebook that will help you:

  • Understand how your workplace floorplan designs determine which aspects of workspace utilization you need to focus on.
  • Leverage the right technology to get accurate workspace utilization data from real-world usage patterns.
  • Understand why starting with the outcome you’re looking to achieve will shape your approach to workspace utilization analysis.
Unlock the key to corporate real estate’s most daunting challenge:  improving your ability to control costs and improve the employee experience simultaneously.

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