Announcing the COVID-19 Workspace Monitoring Dashboard now available to all Relogix clients

Ottawa, Canada
March 24, 2020

We are pleased to announce that our flexible Workspace Analytics Platform allows us to provide ​all our clients with a complimentary ​COVID-19 Workspace Monitoring DashboardTM ​to help you navigate through this crisis and ​the gradual return to normal operations.​

  • Get direct line of sight to the implementation, adoption and management of pandemic planning protocols for the workplace.
  • Identify people at risk, take-action and manage your ramp-down as office closure protocols are implemented.
  • Use on-demand, easy-to-understand insights to support rapid communication and crisis management strategies aimed at keeping your employees healthy and safe.

We can help you navigate through this crisis and the gradual return to normal operations, all the while enabling you to keep your employees healthy and safe.

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The new COVID-19 Workspace Monitoring DashboardTM is now included with every Workspace Analytics Platform.

Mac Monitor showing COVID-19 Workspace Monitoring Dahsboard with multiple views and safe seats inverted views