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As the inventor of graphics process units, Nvidia is ahead of the curve when it comes to incorporating new technologies into a business plan. We know Nvidia is an early adopter seeking new opportunities to improve day-to-day business operations. Nvidia employees are returning to work and their well-being and confidence in the safety of their workspace is of the utmost importance.

Because of its foundation in cutting edge, technology-based solutions, Nvidia knows any business plan needs to be supported by data. Your decisions are driven and informed by analytics. In order to make a solid plan for effective workspace occupancy and develop a practical return to office strategy, space occupancy and utilization metrics are key. Nvidia, meet Conexus.

Detailed data. High-level, actionable insights. Workplace analytics.

Conexus Workplace Analytics platform uses occupancy data to provide actionable insights into space utilization. Easy-to-install occupancy sensors measure office space utilization to help you make informed decisions. In a time of major change, it is unbiased, data-driven decisions that will ensure effective space utilization, informed Return To Office game plans and the overall success of Nvidia.

Multiple Sensor Options

Get industry-leading, high quality sensor data.
We know that one size does not fit all, and the Nvidia workplace is unique. That’s why we take an omni sensor approach. We’ll consult with Nvidia to provide the right combination of sensors based on your desired outcomes. The value comes from the insights we provide through our Conexus Workplace Insight solution not just from data collection hardware.

All Relogix sensors anonymously collect accurate and objective occupancy data about workspace usage. Unlike traditional methods that rely on employee surveys or point-in-time data collection (such as observation studies), our sensors provide the highest quality data essential to successful workplace analysis and strategy.

Relogix + Nvidia Just Makes Sense

Like Nvidia, Relogix is committed to providing tech-based solutions across a variety of industries. We share the same spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship held by Nvidia. Our workspace occupancy solution offers viable answers for companies in need of occupancy data to make informed decisions. We are inventors at heart and know that our products can reinvent the way the workplace operates. Join us on our journey!

Is Your Return To Office Plan Backed By Occupancy Data?

At Relogix, we know the importance of understanding the data on what people intend to do versus what they actually do. But normally it’s in the context of occupancy analytics and how people use spaces. Now, it’s time to talk about the intentional versus the actual behaviour of leaders. Here are 21 questions you should ask before building a return to office strategy.

While COVID-19 has created great uncertainty, there are concrete steps we can take to ensure a strategic approach to navigating and shaping our new normal in the workplace.

Our state of the art, IoT-enabled workplace occupancy sensors help you monitor actual occupancy in your workplace. Uncover patterns of use at the floor level. Capture high level people counts for each floor across your portfolio.

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Relogix is ready for the future of workspace analytics technology. Are You?

Gain a deeper understanding and control of your workplace data, with Conexus as your decision support system. Make informed decisions about your Return To Office strategy. Conexus helps you break down data silos, discover opportunities, and empower your decision-making process.