October 12, 2018

Relogix is showing at the CoreNet Global Summit in Boston, October 14-17th

by Brian Forbes in Event

Why Risk Return on Investment and Employee Engagement?

The benefits of Activity Based Workplace design are well documented.

But how do you know if or when your design is meeting business objectives for employee engagement, sharing ratios and utilization?

What do you say when your executive asks for demonstrated return on investment? Employee engagement?

Are you still using error-prone anecdotal evidence or emperical data?

Join others who are implementing workplace sensors to collect utilization and engagement data across their portfolio in order to clearly demonstrate workplace performance and continuously improve employee engagement.

Andrew Millar, CEO of Relogix invites you to Booth 1428 at the CoreNet Global Summit 2018 in Boston Oct 14-17 where Relogix will demonstrate Use Cases for data driven Activity Based Workplace performance.

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