Occupancy Initiated Availability Display

The Relogix Touchdown Display uses real-time occupancy sensors to display workspace availability without employee interaction. This provides corporate real estate with the ability to communicate activity based workplace policy within a space or portfolio.

Relogix’s Touchdown Display is activated by the Relogix Sensor-as-a-Service for each unassigned workspace. Instead of employee booking or sign-in systems that require intrusive employee interaction, Touchdown policy management identifies occupancy status automatically and releases the space automatically once policy thresholds are exceeded.

The Touchdown Display can be configured for multiple floorplans or zones within a floorplan. Availability by area can be displayed statically or on a continual rotation (e.g. floor-by-floor or zone-by-zone) basis.

The Touchdown Display offers employees the ability to rapidly scan a space even where there may not be line-of-sight to determine availability of workspaces on a floor or in a building. No interaction is required. Additional content (e.g. announcements, events) can be included in the availability display rotation.

The Touchdown Display has multiple colored icons that indicate state of individual spaces; either occupied, available or pending. Multiple timers can be provisioned for occupancy assertion, extension and release. Policy modifiers can escalate policy controls/actions based on overall occupancy.


No Reservation
occupancy status initiated upon employee workspace selection
Clear Availability Visuals
with configurable colored icons and state definitions for each workspace type
Flexible Policy Management
configurable using multiple occupancy, release and pending transition timers
Location Awareness
between display location and surrounding/nested zones, neighborhoods or floors
Single or Round Robin
availability display for adjacent workspaces, zones or floors.
Automated Restoral
in case of service interruption
Multiple Connectivity Options
on or off net
Kiosk or Mobile
display configurations

About Relogix


Relogix is an IoT Sensor-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that combines innovative sensor technology with advanced analytics to enable workplace visualization and meaningful insight for Commercial Real Estate (CRE).

Display Specifications (Customer Supplied)

  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • HDMI Interface
  • Network Interface for Ops


  • Re-establishes cloud connection on outage
  • Automatic device re-set

Display Termination Unit

  • CMS or SBC with Linux OS
  • HDMI Connector to Display
  • WiFi Connectivity
    Optional 3G Modem

Multiple Locations

  • Several Displays can be connected to the Touchdown application for placement around the workplace

Configurable States

  • Pending Status (minutes)
  • Occupied with Threshold Duration
  • Vacant Workspace

Content Insertion

  • PDF format for Notices or Events

Floor Plan Configuration

  • Floorplan or Zones
  • Static or Rotating Floor plans

Occupancy of Multiple Space Types

  • Workstations
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Collaborative Spaces

Policy Management

  • Multiple Timers for Occupied Pending, Extension and Release

Kiosk, Wall-Mount or Mobile

  • Optional Views / Form Factors

Global Monitoring

  • Content Distribution
  • Display Power
  • Network Termination Management