Relogix Secures $1M Funding To Scale Sensor-As-A-Service For Commercial Real Estate

OTTAWA, June 19, 2017 – Relogix, an Ottawa-based start-up that combines advanced sensor technology, wireless networking and real-time analytics, announced the launch of its UtiLive Sensor-as-a-Service (SaaS) today. The company has raised $500K from leading industry investors and the Capital Angels Network in Ottawa, along with an additional $500K from the Southern Ontario Fund for Investment in Innovation (SOFII). Relogix has recently signed partner agreements with two of the largest real estate management companies in North America with enterprise deployments in both Canada and the U.S. and this funding will be used to accelerate growth in North America.

The UtiLive service provides data-driven insight into how a workplace is being used by employees, identifying patterns that enable real estate professionals to optimize their portfolio. Advances in sensor technology and wireless networking from the Internet of Things have allowed continuous monitoring of alternative and flex workspace for companies with dynamic mobile workforces, such as technology companies and financial institutions. Continuous occupancy data gives real estate professionals a powerful tool to increase utilization, saving millions of dollars in cost over the term of a lease.

UtiLive sensors have been specifically designed to meet the needs of a changing workplace. They can be installed in minutes and are self-provisioning. They do not need specialized technical or trade personnel to install and do not require integration into enterprise networks or even power distribution to begin reporting data. Relogix has designed mobile on-boarding and provisioning tools that help reduce time-to-service to hours instead of days or weeks and enable the service to be redeployed to a new site with ease. Powerful visualization software maps sensor data to existing floorplans providing results that are easy to communicate to stakeholders.

“The way we work is rapidly changing.” says Andrew Millar, CEO of Relogix, “We are determined to build a service that responds to the need for agile, accurate, real-time data insight. UtiLive takes all the complexity out of deployment making it as easy as changing a light bulb. Our customers now have a view into how employees are engaging their workspace – with insight on optimization. Real estate professionals can now manage change with confidence.”

Business benefits from outcomes derived by the UtiLive SaaS. The workplace becomes more engaging as it can now be designed around activities that employees perform as part of their daily work. This phenomenon began in the technology sector, but other businesses are realizing the same gains in productivity. “We live in a data-driven world,” Millar continues, “and the insights we learn provide ongoing benefit and return to both business and their employees.”

About Relogix

Relogix has developed advanced IoT sensors to monitor workspace utilization, workplace design effectiveness and employee engagement. Their Sensor-as-a-Service solution reduces technology risk as it includes all hardware, software, wireless network and workspace analytics cloud platform all in one simple subscription price. Top corporate real estate organizations depend on the Relogix workspace analytics platform and industry expertise to transform their global real estate portfolios with confidence.

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