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Top corporate real estate organizations depend on our workspace analytics platform and industry expertise to help evolve their global real estate portfolio with confidence.

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The Insights

Workspace analytics platform

Our cloud-based data visualizations provide accurate and actionable insight into office space utilization.


Our algorithms and sensors provide the industry's most accurate data on the presence of people at desks and in rooms and collaboration spaces.


Powerful visualizations combine floor plans with occupancy data across your entire portfolio.


Our Kiosk provides real-time view of available spaces – save time searching for space.


Answer a variety of occupancy questions that fit your unique needs and our data science team will work with you on in depth analysis and correlation of data.


Bring 3rd party data into our analytics platform to get even deeper insights into your workspace.

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The Hardware

Sensors & Gateway

Our peel and stick battery powered sensor nodes are easily placed around the workspace to collect anonymous utilization data.

Fast & Easy

No need for I.T. or trades to install, just peel and stick. Start collecting data in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

The Edge Gateway

Securely processes and transmits data to our cloud-based workplace analytics platform


The sensors and gateway are completely independent of your network infrastructure using private cellular connection to the cloud.


Sensors can be easily moved and re-deployed in different locations.


Sensors can be placed under desks or on the ceiling out of sight and out of mind.

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6 Questions You NEED to Answer Before You Start Workspace Utilization Analysis

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The People

Workspace utilization experts

Data Scientists

Our team of experts and data scientists can work closely with partners and clients to provide support for custom analytics, reporting and 3rd party API integrations


We are experts in the needs of occupancy planners and strategists so we speak your language.

Knowledgeable in IoT

Our technicians have deployed 100,000 sensors across the globe in every style of office space imaginable and our operations team monitors everything 24/7/365.


We'll consult with you on how to integrate third-party data sources such as badge data, to transform thin data into rich data.

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How to Effectively Transform Your Workspace in 3 Steps

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Why Relogix

Our ease of deployment, data accuracy and depth of experience is market proven with brand name customers who have evolved their global real estate portfolios.

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100,000+ sensors deployed around the world