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Start making great corporate real estate decisions using our workplace insights platform. Use Conexus to break down data silos, discover opportunities, and empower your decision-making process.

Relogix combines the latest in sensor technology with traditional corporate real estate data sources. With the powerful workplace insights platform – Conexus – you will always see the complete picture and make objective strategy and design decisions like never before.
We know that one size does not fit all, and your workplace is unique. That’s why we take an omni approach to everything we do: all data, all types of sensors, and a large partner ecosystem to support it. This gives you a wholistic view of your workplace from buildings and floors to rooms and desks.
Gain a deeper understanding and control of your workplace data, with Conexus as your decision support system.

Your workplace analytics solution.

Put the power of CRE data where it belongs – in your hands.

Use insights from the Conexus platform to enable your team with an unbiased view of your workplace and develop a real estate plan – whether that be strategic or tactical. Conexus helps reduce your risk when making major real estate portfolio and business choices by making your data easy to understand – for everyone, not just a professional data analyst.

Bring all your data into one, centralized platform.

Use your data to start discovering opportunities to improve your workplace with Conexus. Once you bring your data into one tool, you’ll be able to observe and understand the unprecedented and ever-evolving workplace behaviors of your people.

Why rely on others for your real estate data?

Conexus simplifies workplace insights, bringing all your data together to help you get a full understanding of your workspace and working styles. Combine your data from across your organization: booking, badging, surveys, and more! Conexus works with a multitude of data sources and turns them into informative, easy to understand charts and metrics that supports your decisions.

Customer Successes

Relogix gives workplace managers the ability to provide employees with choice AND evolve and optimize the workplace.
Mark Gilbreath
CEO, Founder LiquidSpace
Working with Relogix has surpassed our expectations. Their rapid installation, data accuracy and visualizations provide us the information we need to make sound real estate strategy decisions.
Senior Real Estate Director
You and your team are, by far, the front runners based on your expertise, application, technical products and flexibility.
Multi-National Computer Technology Corporation

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