We Help Business Improve Workplace Performance

By analyzing workplace effectiveness based on employee use
Providing clarity and actionable insight that improves work experience

Choice, not Conformity

Right-size space(s) to give employees more choice
Choice increases productivity and utilization

Crowdsource Design

Match design to employee preference
Creative consensus improves work effectiveness

Employee Engagement

Increase access to resources in real-time
Teams engage – reinforcing community and culture

Data Driven Insight

Workplace performance improves with utilization
Effortless ambient (IoT) data aggregation

Our Services

Relogix provides a total portfolio of workplace performance products and services that enable corporate real-estate to rapidly deploy infrastructure, collect data and perform analytics.
Scalable sensor provisioning and aggregation with high performance algorithm and open API
SaaS-based workplace performance analytics and visualization with attribute filtering
Leading multi-sensor package with correlation for higher accuracy data. Powerful edge gateway
Data Scientist support for custom analytics/reporting and API integration

Our Products

Relogix Occupancy Node

  • Small, discreet form factor
  • Multiple sensor correlation for highest accuracy
  • Wireless connectivity enables simple DIY scalability
  • Battery-powered with 3-5 years lifetime
  • Self-configuring to local LTE gateway
  • On-boarding app enables rapid deployment or relocation

Relogix Edge Gateway

  • Mains powered
  • 100-200 sensor capacity
  • Local Small Board Computer (SBC) gateway
  • Local storage to ensure no data loss
  • Private LTE data connection to Relogix cloud
  • Sensor management platform

Relogix Data Scientists

Our data scientists are ready to work with partners and clients to develop custom analytics and visualizations, reporting and API integration into third party software.

About Relogix

Relogix is the leading Sensor-as-a-Service provider for Workplace Performance.
Relogix uses advanced IoT sensors to monitor workspace utilization, workplace design effectiveness and employee engagement. Sensor-as-a-Service reduces technology risk as it includes all hardware, software, network and analytic dashboards in one simple subscription price with an open API.

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