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Conexus Workspace Insights Platform

New Conexus workspace insights platform with data stories and occupancy sensors

Announcing the new Conexus workspace insights platform – your return to office solution.

Conexus workspace insights platform helps you identify different working styles and how they evolve over time, make informed workspace design decisions to satisfy when, where and how people work, and optimize the supply and demand of your portfolio.

Conexus will integrate any sensor data as well as other sources of workspace data into one platform. Included with Conexus is an application programming interface (API) we use to leverage data from many common Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and booking systems. In this way, you can supplement sensor data with badging or other data sources you already have.

COVID-19 Workspace Monitoring

COVID-19 Workspace Monitoring Dahsboard with multiple views and safe seats inverted views

Direct line of sight to the implementation, adoption and management of pandemic planning protocols for the workplace.

  • Identify people at risk, take-action and manage your ramp-down as office closure protocols are implemented.
  • Get on-demand, easy-to-understand insights to support rapid communication and crisis management strategies aimed at keeping your employees healthy and safe.

We can help you navigate through this crisis and the gradual return to normal operations, all the while enabling you to keep your employees healthy and safe.

The new COVID-19 Workspace Monitoring DashboardTM is now included with every Workspace Analytics Platform.


Occupancy Sensors

High tech sensors for highly accurate data.

Now in their fifth generation, Relogix sensors anonymously collect accurate and objective real-time data about workspace usage. Unlike traditional methods that rely on employee surveys or point-in-time data collection (such as observation studies), Relogix sensors provide the highest quality data essential to successful workplace analysis.

Our small, wireless sensors:

  • Assure 99.7% data accuracy and availability.
  • Require no hard wiring and no internal networking.
  • Attach to desks or ceilings using peel-and-stick adhesive strips.
  • Start collecting data in less than an hour.
  • Require no ongoing maintenance.
  • Provide a four-year, battery-powered lifespan.

Comfort Sensors

Knowing your comfort data matters, especially now that people are returning to the office post-COVID.

Foster health and well-being by revealing the most comfortable workspaces for your employees:

  • Assess and build awareness and standards for comfort; minimize ‘sick building syndrome’ symptoms.
  • Keep the spread of viruses in check by balancing the humidity of offices.

Knowing precisely the combined impact of ambient temperature, relative humidity, light intensity and noise levels on the working environment allows you to:

  • Automate measuring how the work environment is performing and how varying work points are impacted by fluctuations, in real-time
  • Monitor the environment to ensure it is performing according to regulatory health and WELL workplace guidelines
  • Understand the impact of comfort on the productivity of your employees
  • Benchmark and compare environmental metrics across your entire real estate portfolio
  • Create ‘comfort zones’ to support designated area functions and individual employee preferences

Real-time, Anonymous Data Collection

Get up to date, secure data on how your workspace is being used.

Gain an understanding of exactly how your workspace is being used, with quick and up-to-date data. This innovative technology ensures high-quality, accurate data that matters to you.

Our solution respects the privacy of individuals using monitored spaces while meeting the highest standards for securing data. We are always available to support your Relogix environment to ensure your success.

Security of Sensitive Data

Keep your occupancy data private.

As a cloud-based solution, we have a critical mandate to ensure the security of your data. For this reason, we have chosen to house the Relogix Cloud in Microsoft Azure, which is recognized globally as meeting the highest standards for security compliance.

For the same reason, our ecosystem of products communicates over private 4G/LTE cellular networks. From the first sensor collection point to its destination in the Relogix Cloud, data is never transmitted over your enterprise networks and remains secure.

Respecting Your Privacy

Built with privacy in mind.

We know how important it is for individuals to retain anonymity. Our sensors collect data anonymously, detecting workspace use with heat and motion rather than cameras or other invasive methods. This allows you to get report information by various work zones, while still maintaining employee privacy.

The Relogix Ecosystem of products communicates over private 4G/LTE cellular networks. Because no communication occurs on your enterprise networks, sensitive data remains inaccessible to internal staff.

Our Workspace Analytics Platform resides in the secure, offsite Relogix Cloud. Recognized globally as meeting the highest standards for security compliance, the underlying technology of Microsoft Azure powering the Relogix Cloud ensures that compliance standards apply to both stored data and data in transmission. You can be assured that data sent from Relogix sensors to the Gateway Hub to the Relogix Cloud is secure.

Two lined Relogix difference

Supporting Your Relogix Environment

Full customer support, 24/7 remote sensor monitoring, and expert installation.

Our goal is to ensure that the data available to you is of the highest quality, from deployment to daily operations. Relogix expert technicians can install thousands of sensors in a matter of days, without interfering with your workplace schedule. We’ll handle installation for you and ensure your network is up and running before you finish your Monday coffee.

Once your environment is implemented, Relogix’s Network Operations Center monitors operations 24/7 to ensure optimal performance. The Relogix solution is designed for ease-of-use and reliability. Use our numerous self-guided resources such as our online tutorials library or contact our team for one-on-one assistance. The Relogix customer support team is available through email, phone or live chat to address any needs you may have, when you have them.

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