Extensible Software Services Built on Relogix Data

Relogix provides a growing number of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) modules that extend the value of real-time data collected by sensors beyond an open API to 3rd party software. Data collected fuels automated services, such as desk or room reservation, which have typically required cumbersome employee interaction. Sensor data simply reserves a room or workstation once occupied.

The Relogix Analytics Workbook provides visualization on user-specified floor plans for each location under study, including:

  • Space Utilization
    How often and for how long is each unique space occupied? Utilization sensors record occupancy every two minutes and aggregate data for purposes of defining peak and average utilization over periods of time. This can be rolled up by department, building, location and portfolio.
  • Workplace Effectiveness
    For shared spaces, e.g. collaborative and meeting rooms, how well is the space being utilized, e.g. an 8 person meeting room was scheduled for a meeting and 3 people show up. This includes employee
    preferences for space types, e.g. bench vs dedicated workstations.
  • Employee Engagement
    How often does the workforce participate in different activities within the workspace? For example, how many employees are concentrating in quiet, private space; how many are collaborating in shared meeting rooms? This provides metrics on engagement by group and task.

Re-uses occupancy data in accelerated timeline to provide availability visualization on a large entryway display for shared workspace (see Relogix Touchdown Display).


Data Re-use
increases return on sensor-as-a-service subscription without increasing technology risk

increases scope and value through engagement and productivity enhancement

increases with utility to a wider set of employees

Single Source
for services, purchasing and support

Same Pricing/Discount
structure as Sensor-as-aService. Priced as additional features and functionality

list of services in Product Roadmap future proofs investment

About Relogix


Relogix is an IoT Sensor-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that combines innovative sensor technology with advanced analytics to enable workplace visualization and meaningful insight for Commercial Real Estate (CRE).