Your workplace insights platform

As the workplace de-centralizes
and working preferences
evolve, how do you:

  • Create a workplace strategy for a distributed workforce?
  • Make sound real estate decisions?
  • Bring all your CRE data together?

Conexus helps reduce your risk when making major real estate portfolio and business choices by making your data easy to understand – for everyone, not just a professional data analyst.

Put the power of CRE data where it belongs – in your hands.

Once you bring your data into one tool, you’ll be able to observe and understand the unprecedented and ever-evolving workplace behaviors of your people.

Bring all your data into one, centralized platform.

Conexus works with a multitude of data sources and turns them into informative, easy to understand charts and metrics that supports your decisions.

Why rely on others for your real estate data?

Gain a deeper understanding and control of your workplace data.

Eliminate guesswork.

Stop relying on hastily compiled “best guess reporting” as in the face of pressing strategic decisions.

Establish a single source of truth.

Align your team based on facts of what you have and what it is truly costing the business.

Obtain more answers, faster.

Overcome exhausting fire drills to generate answers to seemingly simple questions about the portfolio.


Get standard real estate portfolio metrics.

Support analysis with industry standard reports and metrics.

See where your portfolio has been, where it is now and…

…where it is going. Transform data into valuable information to mitigate adverse trends and capitalize on opportunities.

Get insight across lines of business.

Identify and compare the best and worst workspaces so you can positively effect change.

Conexus Workplace Insights

Answer high level questions with detailed analytics.
We provide workplace analytics, ranging from high level insights to granular and detailed data, so you can tackle workplace challenges from every angle.

  • Develop realistic plans
  • Optimize your workplace
  • Make great business decisions
  • Inform corporate strategy

Conexus Data Stories

Critical insights across your entire portfolio.
Our innovative Data Stories provides narrative-based, easy to follow, actionable insights. Get answers to the most difficult, high-level questions beyond the typical analytics dashboard. Data Stories provides intelligent data and insights that provide flexibility for your CRE strategy and ongoing reporting. Data stories are easy to understand and easy to communicate – without having to hire a data analyst.

COVID-19 Monitoring & Management

Ensure the health and safety of your employees.
Get direct line of sight into the implementation, adoption, and management of your pandemic planning protocols.

  • Manage office occupancy to specific targets that you set.
  • Clustering – Identify risks related to non-compliance with your organization’s physical distancing protocols
  • Safe Seats – Drill down to identify seats that are safe to occupy.

Data Integrations

Gain an even deeper understanding of your workplace.
The Conexus Platform not only uses IoT data but is also anchored with ability to pull-in structured and unstructured data. With additional data elements (such as, HR, badging data, IWMS, supply/demand data, etc.) we provide enhanced intelligence to fuel your CRE strategy.

Multiple Sensor Options

Get industry-leading, high quality sensor data.
We know that one size does not fit all, and your workplace is unique. That’s why we take an omni sensor approach. We consult with you to provide the right combination of sensors based on your desired outcomes. The value comes from the insights we provide through our Conexus Workplace Insight solution not just from data collection hardware.

All Relogix sensors anonymously collect accurate and objective real-time data about workspace usage. Unlike traditional methods that rely on employee surveys or point-in-time data collection (such as observation studies), our sensors provide the highest quality data essential to successful workplace analysis and strategy.

  • Seat Level Sensors – Measure occupancy and utilization with the highest level of accuracy in the market. 5-year battery life and 100% off your internal network. Simple, peel-and-stick application that gets you data in less than an hour. Perfect for short term space studies.
  • People Counting – Measure occupancy levels of floors, rooms and open collaborating spaces. Count the number of people coming and going from each space and see that trend over time. Sensors can be permanently installed or can run on batteries for shorter term study projects. Ideal for permanent installation.
  • Future-Proof IoT Technology – With 10 years of IoT Technology experience, our solution is reliable, accurate and proven at scale across global installations.

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While COVID-19 has created great uncertainty, there are concrete steps we can take to ensure a strategic approach to navigating and shaping our new normal. We created the Return To Office Playbook: Navigating Our New Normal In The Workplace to help you understand those concrete steps and develop a strategy that best suits your organization. DOWNLOAD NOW >

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