Relogix Workspace Insights Solution with COVID-19 Workspace Management Dashboard

The Workspace Analytics Platform provides data insights, to help you develop realistic plans, optimize your workspace utilization, make better business decisions, and inform corporate strategy.

Reduce costs, while continuing to realize the benefits of more engaged and productive employees, whether they work at home or in the office.

Use workspace data analytics and insights, via explanatory views using ‘data stories’ as well as via in-depth exploratory views, to inform your day-to-day activities, reporting, and CRE strategy.

Ensure employee well-being and safety in the ‘now’ normal office environment

We provide workspace analytics, ranging from high level insights to granular and detailed data, so you can tackle workspace challenges from every angle.

  • Optimize your workspaces effectively based on continuously updated utilization and occupancy data
  • Take control of your strategy and provide data-driven recommendations based on explanatory ‘data stories’ and exploratory ‘big picture’ workspace statistics to Executives and Stakeholders
  • Use granular, detailed data visualizations for in-depth analysis to drill down and truly understand your space. Share reports to make critical decisions and recommendations
  • Integrate multiple data sources for a comprehensive portfolio analysis
  • Adapt on-demand as you learn more about how employees react to your protocols
  • Indoor Positioning and Wayfinding with beaconing technology in V5 Occupancy Sensors that can be integrated integrates with corporate applications via our software development kit (SDK)
Non-Compliant Occupancy, Desk Utilization “Clusters” and Employee Proximity

The NEW COVID-19 workspace monitoring dashboard is a key component of our Workspace Analytics Platform and is available for all customers as a complimentary add-on. The COVID-19 management dashboard allows organizations to:

  • Ensure new pandemic protocols and policies are adhered to
  • Keep track of building occupancy and utilization
  • Identify Safe Seats™ or spaces that have not been used recently
  • Monitor density and clustering to ensure social distancing rules are followed
  • Map actual employee behavior to new workspace allocation and social distancing protocols
  • Advise cleaning crews on areas that have been used and need cleaning

New Explanatory Views via Data Stories: Unlock the insights provided by our workspace analytics platform

Relogix Data Stories reveal intelligence and insights across your portfolio

They provide easy to follow, actionable insights and answer the more difficult ‘next-level’ questions beyond the typical analytics dashboard. Data stories convey intelligent data and insights that provide flexibility for your CRE strategy and ongoing reporting. Critical information is at your fingertips and is easy to understand and communicate without having to hire a data analyst.

Data Integration – Go even further

Gain an even deeper understanding of your workspace

Relogix Workspace Analytics Platform not only provides comfort, occupancy and utilization data, but goes even further with deeper and more thorough insights based on additional data sources, such as:

Security Cards

Room Booking System

Employee SAT Surveys


Digital Workplace Surveys

Employee Commuting


Owned Portfolio

Third Party Data

Relogix Occupancy Sensors anonymously collect accurate and objective real-time data about workspace usage. Unlike traditional methods that rely on employee surveys or point-in-time data collection (such as observation studies), Relogix sensors provide the highest quality data essential to successful workspace analysis.

Our small, wireless sensors:

  • Assure 99% data accuracy and availability
  • Start collecting data in less than an hour
  • Require no hard wiring and no internal networking
  • Require no ongoing maintenance
  • Attach to desks or ceilings using peel-and-stick adhesive strips
  • Provide a four-year, battery-powered lifespan

Data Accuracy & Quality

  • Dual IR/PIR Technology tracks heat and motion. When combined with our proprietary algorithms, we know the difference between a person sitting at a desk and the office dog walking by.
  • Our sensors collect granular data every 2 minutes, enabling us to provide you with a detailed and precise view of utilization and occupancy.

Extensible for Third Party applications and future product releases:

  • Bluetooth Beacon and NFC ‘Tap’: Get indoor positioning data, help with wayfinding, change a setting or turn a sensor on with just a tap of your smartphone.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) allows third parties to use NFC and Beacons for accurate indoor positioning, booking systems, wayfinding, and more.
  • Future-proof – Your sensor investment will last for years and can be adapted for any of your future needs.


  • Our built-in mesh network reliably manages and delivers large amounts of sensor data across entire floors.
  • We use only the highest quality, reliable components and precision manufacturing so you can trust your sensors today, tomorrow and into the future.
  • 4+ year battery life in a sleek and unobtrusive sensor designed specifically for the workspace.
  • We guarantee the quality of our service and back our sensors with a 99% data availability.

Gain new insights on how temperature, humidity, noise and light affect the comfort levels of your employees no matter where they work in your office.

Offer the right mix of workspaces with the right comfort levels at the right time by elevating your understanding of what optimal comfort and wellness means for your employees.

Know the precise impact of ambient temperature, relative humidity, light intensity and noise levels on the working environment and how they fluctuate throughout the day.

  • Identify areas with recurring issues like cold spots.
  • Establish zones by noise level to support highly focused, heads-down work and group collaboration or social spaces.
  • Gauge noise levels by duration to detect areas that are more lively versus other ‘buzz’ zones that mimic more coffee shop-like background noise.
  • Pinpoint dark areas in your office to assess the cause and effect for employees. For example, how much natural light is available and how light affects mood and mental acuity.

Knowing your comfort data matters, especially now that people are returning to the office post-COVID.

  • Assess and build awareness and standards for comfort; minimize ‘sick building syndrome’ symptoms.
  • Keep the spread of viruses in check by balancing the humidity of offices.